Church Business Plan — Sample

Creating a discipleship ministry requires long days of reflective thinking about the mission and the goals of the ministry. The main task of any discipleship ministry is actually spiritual multiplication, which refers to the building up of faith by sending people who can win people’s hearts for the love of God (Downer 2001, 204-206). The building of ministries is actually a good strategy for reaching a large group of population to join the religion and faith the discipleship ministry is trying to promote for spiritual revival (Stevens and London 1992, 46-48).

Music Ministry Spiritual Foundation — Church Business Plan

The Music Ministry is guided by the following scriptural passages:

Exodus 23:25

This tells the people to worship God and he will return the action by blessing the people with their basic needs of food and water as well as heal them of their illnesses. The main goal of the Music Ministry of the Covenant Presbyterian Church is to worship God through music. Teaching the people to sing out their love and praise to God through singing praise and worship songs.

1 Samuel 18:6-7 — Church Business Plan

The praise and worship songs could get any believer to victory over illnesses and problems the believer may be experiencing at the moment. The idea of the Music Ministry is to continuously adore and love God through praise and worship songs. The songs themselves were taken from the text in the bible. The text has the power to move people’s feelings, thoughts, and even heals the body. People sometimes get bored praying the traditional way of praying. The praise and worship songs along with a little praise and worship dance would enliven the believer and encourage them to participate with the singing.

2 Samuel 6:13-17, 20-23 — Church Business Plan

God loves praise and worship songs. David danced before the Lord when he was chosen as King. The Lord loves to see his people sing and dance for him. In the bible, there were many instances that kings and appointed leaders danced and sing praises to the Lord during worship and most especially when thanking the Lord for their blessings or deliverance from the enemies.  The Music Ministry would want to emphasize the importance of a happy believer who would want to sing and dance before the Lord during worship. The praise and worship songs have a very significant effect on the faith of the believer when they sing the praise and worship songs with text taken from scriptural passages.

1 Chronicles 15:16 — Church Business Plan

This particular scripture is the solid foundation of the creation of the community. David had instructed the Levites to appoint a group of people whose task is to sing praise and worship songs to the Lord during worship using joyful songs and musical instruments. The musical instruments that people used at that time were lyres, harps, and cymbals. The singers would joyfully sing and dance for the Lord during the worship.

1 Chronicles 16:19, Psalm 30:4, Psalm 59:16, Romans 12:1

This particular passage tells the believer to sing for the Lord God. This actually tells the believer to express one’s faith by singing and dancing joyfully in front of the Lord. The scripture passage implies how God loves the believer to joyfully sing and dance for him. This teaches the believer one good way to please God during worship – sing and dance joyfully.

1 Chronicles 16:23 — Church Business Plan

This actually tells the believer to sing one’s belief and praises for the Lord God each day of one’s existence here on earth. The bible repeatedly emphasized the importance of worship by singing and dancing using musical instruments. The bible also repeatedly implied how singing and dancing pleases God by moving kings to worship him through singing and dancing. King David singing and dancing was a very good example for this type of worship.

Core Ministry Values — Church Business Plan

The main mission of the Music Ministry of the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers, Florida is to worship the glory of God continuously through singing using inspirational scriptural passages that are found in the bible (Hagmaier 2010). The core values of the Music Ministry are the following:

Worship. The Music Ministry sustains the value of worship through singing by encouraging people to gather and celebrate the goodness of the Lord using scriptural praise and worship songs as a form of devotion and thanksgiving. Worship creates a very strong relationship between God and his people. God only wants his people to worship him and him alone.

Integrity. The Music Ministry would serve the Lord by singing praise and worship songs. The Music Ministry would sincerely minister the songs to the members of the church with all their hearts and devotions out of love for God. The Music Ministry will share this love and devotion to the members of the church and other communities by singing praise and worship song joyfully. The Music Ministry will act according to the teachings and acceptable practices of the church as interpreted from the text on the scriptures.

Dependence. The Music Ministry denies the power to influence the members of the church. The Music Ministry admits its total dependence to the power and will of God to affect a certain person at a certain time when the believer is ready to accept God as God as well as the truth and the teachings of the scriptures. The power of the praise and worship song depends on the will of God to affect a certain soul.

Sacrifice. The membership requires a lot of patience and sacrifice. The practice and the service would require time, which the members should give out of their love for God and not out of obligation to the church and the membership.

Relationship. Each member of the Music Ministry will maintain relationship between the members of the Music Ministry, the members of the church, and the community by faithfully following the practices and behavior acceptable to the church’ teachings and the norms of the community.

Teamwork. Each member of the community will deny its own personal desires and serve the Music Ministry, the church, and the community by singing songs of faith, praises, and repentance. The only goal in this Music Ministry is to worship God. The only effort that is needed for each member of the Music Ministry is worshipping God by singing praise and worship songs. The teamwork will come as a part of that worship. God keeps his flock who worships him incessantly.

Behavioral Goals with an encompassing Goal Statement including Slogans and Visuals — Church Business Plan

The goal of the Music Ministry is to worship God using solely praise and worship songs and choosing songs with text taken from the scriptures to reach and move the members of the ministry, the church, and other people in the community. The focus of the worship is God. The praise and worship songs would be the main expressions use for praise, devotion, expressing faith, thanksgiving, and repentance. The selection of songs is the best way to nurture the faith of a believer (MacDonald 2003, 66-69). The other goal of the Music Ministry is to reach out to people and let them witness and learn to glorify God using the Music Ministry’s aesthetic ability to choose the right music with the right text for the right event of worship. The music should be artistically enjoyable and pleasing to the singing member, the witnessing community, and most of all, to the Lord who is the focus of the worship.

The Music Ministry in action – Church Business Plan

The aim is to let the believers and other communities, witness how worship could change their lives as well as heal their bodies and souls.

The Music Ministry is guided by scriptural passages.

The focus of the worship is God.

Leading through the worship.

The mission of the Music Ministry is to lead the member of the ministry, the church, and the community through worship (Welch 2005, 314-316). There is no need for the members to ask others to join membership. They should deny themselves and lead the life expected of a good Music Ministry member. The framework of personal desires denial and focus only in worshiping God is to let God move among the hearts, minds, body, and soul of the members of the ministry, the church, and the community. This is the only way and the only thing that God waits to show his presence on believers and nonbelievers alike as to demonstrate his being God. Trust that he would do his divine intervention and works in each believer who comes in level with himself and his faith. The Music Ministry will continue to worship God and that God will influence the hearts of the people in their own time. The Music Ministry does not have the power and the authority to recruit members and urge then to join the faith. The essence of the worship witnessing and listening to the praise and worship songs is to prepare the person to know and receive God. God will do his own works on the person only when the person is ready. This is not the concern of the Music Ministry because this is all dependent on the will and power of God to move a person in his time (Acts 1:7).

This is the song that will most describe God’s work in us, In His Time, “In his time, in his time, He makes all things beautiful in his time. Lord, please show me everyday as you’re teaching me your way. That you do just what you say in your time (In his time 2010).” The time here is actually not God’s time but the time of the believer, when he is ready to accept God as his God (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

The Lord has always been with us all through our lives. It is just the thought that we need to be aware that he has always been with us that makes the essence of the works and sacrifices of the Music Ministry important. People hate commands. People do not follow instructions (Psalm 119:145). However, people would want to listen to music and spend time on its text. The selection of the songs would be critical in the life of the Music Ministry. This is the main reason that the Music Ministry only selects and sings songs that were taken from the scriptures.

Slogan of the Music Ministy: Moving people through songs and showing the excellence of God through God’s works. There is only one explanation to this slogan. You have the power to move people when you show them the power of God working through you. Witnessing and experiencing your faith are strong evidences of God’s power and presence. God cannot be seen but he can be felt among the believers.

Measurable Objectives — Church Business Plan

The faith of a person and the time that a person will realize that God exists and that God is God could never be measured. God is the only one who knows the effects of the works of faith in the individual. These measurable objectives are the things that the Music Ministry has observed among the members. Actually the Music Ministry will be divided into four groups: the children, the youth, the adults, and the aged. The purpose of the choir category is to select the songs that are appropriate and fitting to the needs of the individual at a certain time and age. However, everything else will logically have the same base on teachings and scriptural readings.

Bible reading. Each member of the group will spend time to read the bible, listen to the interpretation and teachings of the bible with their church leaders, and share their experiences with the other members of the ministry. This will take about three months to learn the basics facts of the bible. The leader will make sure that the learners will have the same level of knowledge after three months of bible group studies. Knowledge is use here because this is basically teaching members about the history of faith. God will work on each member as they learn. This is only basic head knowledge and nothing to do with the development of faith. God is the only one who can strengthen the faith of the members in whatever ways he sees it fit for the person.

Vocalization and song interpretation. Each members of the Music Ministry will sing the song and have their practice at least three times a week. Interpretation does not mean discussing the interpretation of the song but actually letting the scriptural words and the content of the song sink to their hearts, body, mind, and soul. This will take about three months for the person to actually sing the song because the person wants to worship and praise God. This will be in parallel run with the bible reading.

Healing of hearts. Each member of the music ministry will have their own healing through the worship songs and the bible reading. This might take longer five months or more. However, the interested member who seeks to join the Music Ministry is already undergoing healing in itself. Nobody would want to make a sacrifice, know more about God, and spend time singing the worship songs if God is not directing him to worship him through the Music Ministry. The member would be able to sing and express more of the faith and belief when healing is working on the body and mind.

Funding. The church would be able to create funding for the Music Ministry even in one setting of worship. The one day worship to raise funds for the Music Ministry would be enough to keep the ministry going. The Music Ministry will have its own account at the bank so that those who would want to help the ministry would be able to deposit the donation in the bank. Obtaining a good amount for the instruments might take about a month. However, sponsors could very well give their pledge to buy the instruments. The Music Ministry will have its own room for practice with all the music instruments kept at that room.

Concerts for Praise. The Music Ministry would be prepared to perform concerts for praise in about five months. The members will be ready and must be healing spirituality at that time. The efforts of the concert do not rely mainly with the songs and the singing, but with the obvious transformation and the strong faith of the believers that will make the audience and listeners come into terms with themselves and learn to acknowledge the presence of God. The concert is not a showoff or a recruitment process. It is simply a concert of worship made by a transformed believer, which in this case is being represented by the Music Ministry.

Base Path of Development — Church Business Plan

There are two base paths of development working in parallel with each other. Those are the spiritual maturity of the members of the Music Ministry and the progress of the community or the Music Ministry itself. I would say community because the Music Ministry is consists of a big group of people coming from different walks of life and different ages. It is the desire of the members to know God more and move into an intimate relationship with him that will make the progress of the Music Ministry more meaningful because this is a ministry of worship.

Music Library. The Music Ministry will purchase praise and worship songs. Put a library of songs that members could access and listen. There will also be instrumental songs where the member could sing on their own along with the accompaniment of preferred musical instruments of piano or acoustic guitar. The music library is web based. Since the intention of the Music Ministry is worship and faith building, the members should be able to access the songs even in the quiet moments anywhere as long as there is internet. The website construction and installation of the templates and songs for easy navigation of the members would take at least three months.

Radio Station. Having a radio station even an hour a day that would serve the believers by listening to the news and upcoming events as well as the songs sang by the Music Ministry would be great in showing the community that the Music Ministry is active and serious in teaching people worship through singing. This will take about five months including the funds or sponsorship.

Encompassing Vision Statement — Church Business Plan

The vision of the Music Ministry is to continue pleasing God by worshiping him using praise and worship songs. The focus is God and the goal is to worship God. God only ask for his people to worship him and he will provide his people his needs. This is the technique in building one’s relationship with God. However, a person would undergo many stages to be able to worship God constantly. The act of worship will please God, enhance one’s faith, and let one know God better. How do you change the world? Transform the people’s perspectives and lives through faith building using the Music Ministry as something to witness and experience faith through songs. The Music Ministry through the power of God could effect a huge change among the believers and nonbelievers.

Identification and description of the characteristics of the target group

The group needs to have the following characteristics:

Humility. A member could never sing and accept the essence and greatness of God if the member does not humble one’s self before other people. The Music Ministry seeks to sustain the acts of humility among its members.

Musical Instrument Skills. The members of the Music Ministry should know how to play at least one musical instrument. If the member is unable to play any musical instrument, the member should at least be willing to learn to play one musical instrument. The members should be able to sing and worship even if other members assigned to play a specific musical instrument is absent or unable to play.

Voice. This is one big requirement and should be a good characteristic of the Music Ministry. The members should have the pleasant voice appropriate for the member of the Music Ministry. The members should also have the voice to speak one’s faith and worship to God in public worship gatherings.

Faith. This is necessary to sustain the members of the ministry and the ministry itself. The members need to show their faith on God’s power to work everything bad to their own good and for the good of others. The members need to show their faith on God’s power to heal people in their time to be able to continue singing praise and worship songs to God.

Action Plan — Church Business Plan

There are things in the Music Ministry that man could do to improve the ministry. However, all things are largely dependent on God’s blessings and power to let even the smallest thing of faith or financing work on this Ministry. The following plans would theoretically help the Music Ministry achieve the goals:

1.            There will be bible studies after the worship practice.

2.            The sessions will start with prayers.

3.            There will be sharing sessions during the bible studies to make the team more comfortable with each other, understand each other, support each other, and teach them to build the team out of what they had shared.

4.            The Music Ministry will sing during worship concerts, mass, or group gatherings to raise funds, let the people hear the songs, and let people witness the members’ transformations.

5.            The Music Ministry will distribute the account to which the members of the church could deposit their support for the ministry.

Scope and Sequence Plan

Financial — Church Business Plan

Raising funds through singing as choir in worship gatherings

Get large audience and sponsors using radio

Ask sponsors for pledges in buying musical instruments

Believers — Church Business Plan

Believers would witness and experience the choirs faith 

Members will attend and sing worship songs during gathering

Renewal of faith through witnessing worship

Internal  Meet at least 3x a week for practice

Bible study and sharing of experiences, web access on worship songs

Transformation of faith and perspectives of the members

Learning & Growth — Church Business Plan

Group meetings and worship gatherings               

Enhance faith and strengthen belief

Members supporting each other, worship activities

Budget and communication tools and techniques — Church Business Plan

Communication is very important among the members of the ministry as well as the church. The website of the Music Ministry for members’ access on worship songs will also have a page for forums. The members will have a whiteboard, a leader or moderator, and discussions on issues and experiences. The forum is a good tool for the members to develop a closer bond. The website will also have a page for email and chat where the members could chat, email each other, and read notifications or news updates. The web approach for communication is the most cost effective way to improve the relationship, system, and communication among the members of the Music Ministry. Since the Music Ministry has categories, the members will have access according to its category and on the general items. The Music Ministry is largely dependent on the providence of God. However, there will be a button for donation on the website so people can offer their services, pledges, and deposit money for the ministry.

Conclusion — Church Business Plan

The main purpose of making a disciple is to create a believer out of the person. The only way to create a believer is for God to work on his faith through the efforts of the Music Ministry’s worship. The believer who personally witnesses the transformation of another believer will begin to seek God for himself. This would start the travel and faith experience within his own dimension. That dimension is unknown to us and relies on the strength of the relationship between the believer and God. The worship songs and the Music Ministry could help enhance the faith. However, it is always God that could make any man act on his faith. Although this is a slow process, the worship gatherings, bible study, and sharing of experiences will greatly help in leading the person understand more about the works of God.